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Aging: Moving Back and Forth in Time...

Have you ever noticed how when you were young, you’d delight in doing things grown-ups did? I remember dressing up in my Mom’s silky dresses with my friend and then stuffing the front of hers with material so she could look pregnant. In our minds we moved up time, reproducing for ourselves the fun that grown-ups seemed to have. (I think it was extra exciting because there was that anticipation underneath it all knowing that our “playing” could be real one day.)

Now I notice the opposite. I capital L-O-V-E-D Lucky Charms cereal when I was tiny. Please don’t judge me, especially when I share that I like eating it just as I did when I was little: all the “boring” cereal pieces I ate first. Those delicious marshmallow pieces of yumminess stayed till the end, making the milk turn pastel colored as I saved the best for last (or so I thought). Is it ridiculous? maybe. But I’m reproducing for myself that fun that I had when I was young. I’m taken back in time for just a moment.

I think we really do travel back and forth through time, in our own way.


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