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Aging While Childless: Stepping Out of the Game...

Having no children of my own, I find I can easily enjoy my friends’ offspring. I’m out of the comparison game that is so easy to jump into.

For example, I don’t have to worry about oversharing about my child’s day, accomplishments, and other details I (and probably only I) find fascinating. I can sit and listen to my friends tell story after story about their own littles and laugh and cry along with them.

Are there mothers who avoid comparing their children? I’m sure there are. But as one who pushes toward perfection, I find it quite a relief to completely side step all the temptation to measure and compare and just delight in the children I do know. To be on their team, so to speak. And their Mama’s too.

Aging While Childless Entries: I want to help empower those who (for whatever reason) are living childless, so that they can further embrace their situation and find joy. A life filled with children is a life filled with treasures---but so is a life without children.


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