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Aging While Childless: The Christmas Card Conundrum....

Being half of a married couple with no children, I had to ask myself – what do I put on our Christmas card? When mailboxes are flooded with family photos (especially featuring the littles) this time of year, where do I fit in?

Instead of wrangling a group of kids in matching outfits, I dumped out a box of Christmas decorations, sat with my camera, and casually waited while my cat explored the goodies (he can’t resist an open box.) There were no cute baby grins, singing, sticky fingers, or happy squeals.

But there was anticipation, holiday spirit, and feline curiosity that flooded the room. You can see the results in the picture above.

No, my card doesn’t have any little ones in cute poses holding props with angelic grins. It’s not a showcase of my people family: But it is an image with a message that that I hope will bring comfort and cheer to those who see it. I found my niche. And I love it.

Aging While Childless Entries: I want to help empower those who (for whatever reason) are living childless, so that they can further embrace their situation and find joy. A life filled with children is a life filled with treasures---but so is a life without children.


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