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Aging While Childless: The Grandparent Perk...

By not having children, I get to experience what I call the “grandparent perk.”

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has heard similar words from many grandparents: “I get to love on my grandbabies, enjoy them, and then send them back home.”

It seems a weight is lifted for them: they do not feel solely responsible for the littles 24/7 and they get to have a good night’s rest after all the excitement a day can bring. Which brings me to my main point that anyone without their own children can choose to experience the “grandparent perk”.

Sometimes I feel like an outsider looking in, especially in a world saturated with moms and dads and guardians etc. But what I do have is the choice to easily step in and out of their world: entering when I’m of strong and of alert mind and ready to help, but then taking a minute to decompress and prepare to assist and love when needed again. And that’s the way I like it.

Like a two step waltz, it’s a special place to dance in life.

​I hope that if you are in my shoes, whether by choice or by circumstances, you’ll consider giving some loved ones a well-deserved break and get some “grandparent-perk” time for yourself. ​​

Aging While Childless Entries: I want to help empower those who (for whatever reason) are living childless, so that they can further embrace their situation and find joy. A life filled with children is a life filled with treasures---but so is a life without children.


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