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Aging While Childless: When Do You Like To Travel?

Do you like the hustle and bustle and energy of a big group of people? Or are you like me? I’m just not a lover of crowds.

We have a 24-hour grocery near us and it’s one of my favorite places. I can go at night, when most people are settled in their homes, and I can browse in a quiet store with clear aisles and little (if any) chaos. The moon greets me as walk back to my car in a peaceful, mostly empty parking lot.

It’s delightful.

Which is why I think I love off-season traveling/vacations, because it’s a similar concept. (I guess my broad definition of “off-season” is when most people do NOT typically visit a place.) By not having children, my husband and I have the choice to travel whenever most schools are in session. The options for accommodations are typically outstanding. AND, like my grocery store experience, the crowds are less, the lines are shorter, and the general atmosphere of most places tend to be a little more relaxed.

Another perk of off-season traveling is that the places seem less touristy. I get to taste the local atmosphere and experience the more everyday feel of a place sans gimmicks.

As for picture taking? We’ve gotten spectacular, crowd free photographs of b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l places.

Is there something to be said for excited people (I’m not going to lie, excited children are pretty fantastic), peak options, extended hours, and a place all decked out for tourists and visitors? Sure. And I can always choose that option. But by being childless, I find as I age that I’m gifted with this flexibility, and I’m absolutely grateful for it.

​​Aging While Childless Entries: I want to help empower those who (for whatever reason) are living childless, so that they can further embrace their situation and find joy. A life filled with children is a life filled with treasures---but so is a life without children.


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