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Later Successes: Linda Roden

I want to devote a section of my blog to people who experience success later in life. I realize “later” is incredibly relative, so please go easy on me. The purpose is to encourage us all: to remind us that it’s a lie to think once we reach a certain age, our chances for success dwindles, and we should stop dreaming. Nope. Not the way I see it, and these people are proof:

I’m currently reading a book on my Kindle titled In the Company of Women. It was written by Grace Bonney, creator of Design Sponge (

It features short, sweet interviews with over 100 fruitful businesswomen. Vivid, beautiful photos create such a happy atmosphere in the book – it’s like walking through a beautiful art exhibit.

But I really zoomed in on one shining star in the book: Linda Roden, who started into skin care because she “…could not find a product that I liked for my skin, so I created my own. I was 59.”

Wow. At 59.

What I find incredibly encouraging is that Linda already had a strong resume under her belt. Despite her accomplishments, she still embraced a new challenge in her late fifties: which to me, is one of the most inspirational parts of her life. At least so far – because, after all, she is still going strong at 70 years old.


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