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Merry Christmas 2017...

One of my dearest gal pals (see snapshot below) played a HUGE role in getting this blog going.

She was the first friend to ever tell me she can’t wait to be old. And she’s far from joking. She finds beauty and fun in the aged. She revels in the antique – she even runs a business selling beautiful vintage home décor pieces.

She is a star to me, and one of the few people I have found who is looking forward to old age. I know there are more out there. I just haven’t stumbled on them too often – making me feel they are a rare breed.

In a nutshell: I hope this blog helps my readers as my friend helped me. I knew when she said that she couldn’t wait till “we are old ladies together” that she was a keeper. I wanted this gal to be with me to the end. I loved her enthusiasm, and I was determined to catch it.

I don’t want to join in with the typical grumbles and complaints about old age. For some people, it may be satisfying and even helpful. But it isn’t for me.

And once again (for dramatic affect) I hope I can be to you, my readers, what this dear friend is to me: an inspiration as we celebrate another milestone, another holiday, another year.

Merry Christmas!


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