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Mom and Dad Were Right: TV Watching...

The older I get, the more I remember bits of advice my parents gave me that I brushed off, only to loop back years later and humbly think, “Yup, they were spot on!” I’ve devoted a little section in my blog where I will periodically share a story that illustrates that while my parents don’t know everything…they sure know a lot. And while their advice may not hold true for everyone, I find that it often did for me (and isn’t that what they secretly wanted, in their heartest of parenty hearts?)

Now, granted, a lot of things made little me feel like a “weirdo” on any given day. But one fun fact about my household was that we didn’t possess a TV for most of my growing up.

While deep down, I knew better, I still felt like my peers saw me as “the girl who had no TV”. Like my family was a strange hybrid of modern meets Amish.

But then years later, I found THAT PERSON. Do you know who I mean? That special someone you run into that shares your frustrating past experience (ranging from catastrophic to slightly embarrassing) that will bond the two of you in an instant.

Anyway, I found my person. I was chatting with a colleague, and she mentioned not having a TV while growing up.

“It was awesome!” She said this confidently, almost as if it was a privilege. (But not in an “I’m better than everyone else” kind of way, more like a “I’m very grateful that this happened to me” kind of way.)

And I found myself chiming in and saying, “Yes, it was one of the best decisions my parents could have made for us.” And I meant it. Because it forced me to go outside, delve into books, and experience time with others that didn’t involve always staring at a bright screen. I exercised my imagination by creating my own pictures and words to “watch.” I wasn’t daily vegged out with shows, but rather embraced life beyond the screen -whether I wanted to or not. And it did me a lot of good.

Yep, Mom, Dad, you were right.


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