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Review of Natalie and Conni’s Elevate Your Style Class:

Natalie Borton and Conni Jespersen: two Instagals that share their knowledge of fashion. What can I say? They are incredibly inspirational to me. (I mean, look at those happy smiles!) Even at almost 40, I still find fashion confusing. When these ladies created an online Elevating Your Style class, I jumped on the early bird special and signed up. And I have no regrets.

NOTE: If a fashion course is not currently in the budget, these gals have fantastic Instagram feeds that you can follow. They are chalk full of fashion help. I really like Natalie’s try-on sessions (full of tidbits) and Conni’s Wine Wednesday Style Chat.

However, here are three MAIN reasons I enjoyed their course and continue to follow them on Instagram:

​1. Conni and Natalie break it down to SIMPLE.

“Keep it simple sweetheart” (aka KISS) is really at the heart of their course. For them, clothing can have a bit of a formula behind it, BUT, we shouldn’t let that scare us. It’s a fluid formula that allows for out-of-the-box thinking and works for all body types.

When I saw that the teaching videos were short, I was a little "judgy" and wondered how much I would learn. But the succinct videos pack a lot of knowledge, further demonstrating that we can enjoy the complexity of fashion, but also stay away from deep diving if we want to. (Some of us just like to dip our toes in the shallow side!)

2. Conni and Natalie start with what you already have.

While this duo keeps things simple, they very much acknowledge that there are many elements of fashion beyond the scope of the course. But what I like is that they encourage you to use what you have in your wardrobe and start from there. No intense shopping trips needed. Armed with their personal knowledge and tried and true tips (and worksheets), I found solid direction for putting together clothing in new ways.

3. Conni and Natalie’s course demonstrates and encourages intentional living.

If you follow my blog, you know I’m working to live more intentionally this year. Natalie and Conni are very intentional with their wardrobes, and you can see the fruits of their labor. Using their guides, I am able slow down, focus on what is literally hanging in front of me, and make more confident fashion choices. Fashion doesn’t come easy to me, so the investment of my time has already had major payoffs.

I hope you will take a look at their Instagram pages (Conni’s is here and Natalie’s is here) and give these gals a moment of your time. I love supporting other women who have such a healthy approach toward life and of course the fashion that goes with it.


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