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Why Another Blog, and Why One About Adulting and Aging?

I recently attended a “Blogger Bootcamp” which was overwhelming and a little intimidating and caused me to re-ask myself those basic questions: “Why am I a blogger? There are so many of us, so what can my few little pages on the web offer people? I’m only one voice?!”

But the answer has always been the same: I want there to be more positive words "out there" about getting older.

I saw mainstream responses to aging and found them often unappealing.

​I didn’t want many of those options, so I supported the one I do: an encouraging and enthusiastic response to the changes the years bring.

I may be one voice, but when joining up with other voices, we will get stronger and our message will get louder. And it’s a positive message. Something which is much needed in my life, and I believe in your life, too.

I think this outlook is important, because if I die tomorrow, or I die when I’m 999 I’ve not lived a life where I’ve cringed at each new year. Is my way the only way? Of course not.

TAKEAWAY: So Why is Aging Amazing?

Our response to aging is immensely personal. But it’s not limited, and that’s the secret. You don’t have to tackle the hardships of aging the way others have.

I hope you will join me in forging our own path and shaping our own reality: Focusing on the positive, the special, and the parts of aging that make us smile and are in store for those who live (to be cliché) to see another day.

Dear Reader and Friend:

I really REALLY really believe in my message.

If this blog has encouraged you in any way,

please share with a friend,

​so we can spread positive words

to more and more people who need them.


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